The way we think and work:
dhmp’s mission statement..

dhmp – even when things get complicated

We have always had the vision of being more than just a public accounting and tax consulting firm serving mid-sized companies and entrepreneurial families. On behalf of our clients we act as tax experts, certified public accountants and business consultants. However, we are also clever thinkers who react quickly to your needs and remain focused on the course. At dhmp we are experienced partners and highly specialized trained professionals. Simultaneously, we are passionate entrepreneurs, trustworthy collaborators and people with strong values. For more than 50 years dhmp has served as more than just a public accounting and tax consultancy firm. We exceed all expectations – our clients’ as well as our own.

01 Well thought out.

We identify and develop well thought out solutions that work – practical and forward-thinking. Sophisticated and competent – even when things get complicated.

02 Courageous.

We are courageous and outspoken – acting resolutely, but not carelessly, we act as advisors rather than administrators – even when things get complicated.

03 Quick to Respond.

We understand what our customers expect. We respond quickly and know how to exceed these expectations – you can count on us as well as our high-quality services – even when things get complicated.

“Together with our employees we asked ourselves the following question: What makes dhmp unique and which values do we share? This lead to the creation of dhmp’s mission statement. A written document outlining our basic principles, which most importantly represents our promise to our clients.” – Tobias Nellinger (Partner, Managing Director at dhmp)

04 To the point.

We focus on the essentials, and get straight to the point – lengthy concepts are not our thing – even when things get complicated.

05 Up close and personal.

WWe operate purposefully. We are in close touch with our clients and the markets in order to find personal solutions – we listen carefully, understand and comprehend – even when things get complicated.

What we value

We believe in values: endurance, reliability, competency, determination, experience, dedication, fairness and honesty. And what’s even more important: we implement these values. Top quality that is cost-effective. We don’t consider high standards as the final goal. Instead we view our method of operation as a process, which we continually improve upon. Our company’s growth helps us advance. It enables us to expand our range of services. In addition, our concentrated expertise allows us to optimize the quality of our consulting.

How we operate

We see ourselves as your partner. A partner who offers more than just keeping an eye on the (tax) laws. We consult our clients in an interdisciplinary manner regarding their business concerns – whether tax laws have changed, market trends are gaining potential or new markets are opening up. We observe and monitor all relevant developments and opportunities for our clients. We analyze data from a variety of perspectives and identify the right approach – even when faced with a potential conflict of aims. We make sure we satisfy the individual needs of each and every client.